By: Haley Jessup August 7, 2018

Is it hard for you to find God’s love and grace sufficient in the midst of a turbulent season?

Do you wonder how you can begin to make a positive difference for Jesus?

Are you in need of insight to help you navigate the challenges that come with choosing to walk with God?

Do you ever feel disconnected with God or distant from your prayer life?

All of these questions and more are covered in just one week of Making Your Life Count radio features!

With guests who are authors, speakers, musicians, moms, and more, Steve Douglass helps listeners daily in learning how to be in better tune with God.

Sean Troland, General Manager at The Light Radio Network, says:

“‘Making Your Life Count’ presents many well-known Christians expressing their real life experiences as followers of Christ in this often challenging world.  This well-produced feature is an encouragement and blessing to our listeners and I’m grateful for it as it lines up nicely with our vision here at The Light.” 

As a listener myself, I’m thankful for the ways this feature has made me more aware of God and his leading in my day-to-day tasks.

There are so many ways we can make our lives count and share the love of the Kingdom, and I know your listeners have benefitted from the examples Steve provides.

Thank you for airing, and helping others get questions like above answered!  


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