By: Haley Jessup September 25, 2017

How do we make our lives count for the kingdom? Sometimes in the most unexpected ways!

Toward the end of my freshman year of college, an acquaintance of mine asked what I was doing for housing the following year.

I was surprised by her interest and convinced my housing group to include her in our plans—if we went from 4 people to 5, we’d get a discount and although it wasn’t ideal, I felt an urging from the Spirit to make room for her.

While all I truly did was say “yes,” she now describes our relationship as one of the main turning points for her coming to Christ. And, she met her (now) husband through mine!

Steve Douglass tells a similar story on Making Your Life Count, about a man named Benton Hall who shared Christ with the last person he thought possible.

Benton played basketball with a group of younger guys—one of which was one of the toughest guys at his school. He would get into fights a few times a year, but was the best player in the area.

Benton brought his Bible to the school one day, and the basketball player put his hand on it and started to flip through the pages. He looked up at Benton and said, “You know I’ve been reading in here a lot lately.”

Benton proceeded to walk him through the 4 spiritual laws and ultimately, the prayer to accept Christ into his heart! The basketball player then went back to practice and unashamedly shared with the rest of the team.

It’s amazing what the Lord can do, especially when we least expect it! May He continue to open our hearts and make “all things possible” (Matthew 19:26)—as that’s how we can truly make our lives count for His glory.


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