By: Katie Burke September 30, 2019

I recently deleted every shopping-related app from my phone.  Retailers like Target, Costco, Gap were just a click (a too easy tap) away.  I’m in a season of self-assessment with my money.  The relationship I have with my stuff is coming under scrutiny.  It may have something to do with the TED Talk of the woman who gave up spending for a year or the uncovered boxes of childhood “treasures” unearthed from the back of my parents’ garage.  Whatever the reason, I’m grateful for the chance to examine my attitudes and behaviors towards money and possessions.  The question I’m asking is this:  Do I possess my stuff or does my stuff possess me?

Our partners at Thrivent affirm that getting on the right path for tomorrow is easier when you know where you are today.  That’s why I took their self-assessment quiz to help evaluate my strengths and challenges as I examine my progress in four key areas:  Freedom, Community, Contentment and Calling.

You may want to do the same! After taking The New Money Mindset Quiz, you’ll know where you stand.  I do!

Here’s what I recommend:

  1. Take the New Money Mindset Quiz.  It’s a great personal exercise – especially before the holidays!
  2. Share the New Money Mindset Quiz.  Your listeners think about money just as much as you and I do.
  3. Air “Be Wise and Thrive.”  It’s a new 1:00 daily feature from Thrivent that underscores what it means to live a more content, confident and generous life.

Listen to five samples of the short feature today at  For clearance to air on Amb-OS or FTP, contact:

Inspire your audience to get a new money mindset by connecting their faith and finances.


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