By: Lee Ann Jackson January 21, 2019

This weekend, I went to my annual dinner with four high school girlfriends – our friendship has spanned nearly four decades and we look forward to our New Year get together every year!

After dinner, as we always do, we went to Starbucks and talked about everything.  And, I mean everything – from raising adult children to the “wear and tear” of the years on us, to the loss of a parent, to becoming grandparents.  As we talked, hitting on easy and difficult topics, funny moments and tearful times, I thought about how different life would be to navigate without Christ.

Around the table, we were a widow, a mom of a special needs child, a woman struggling to overcome an addiction, a daughter caring for an ailing parent and a single mom.  Through the ups and downs of our lives, prayer has been key.

Anne Graham Lotz says,

“I believe prayer is like life’s compass!  If that’s true, then the needle that points north is the focus of our faith in prayer. God is the “north” on our “compass.”

There’s something about time with life-long friends, the sharing of the journey, which serves as such a sweet, sometimes happy and sometimes sad reminder that the joys and disappointments of life are most often occurrences we can’t anticipate.

Listening to a recent “Daily Light for Daily Living,” Anne shared:

Regardless of what life throws at us, whether it’s a long, hard climb to the top of our career, or the steady perseverance to achieve our goals, or the confusion and lost feeling when we’re in a thicket of problems and pressures and pain.  If our prayers are focused on the living God, they will make a difference.

As we get together annually and catch up on one another’s lives, we don’t “come to the table” expecting to walk away with answers to problems we’re facing.  Inevitably, our time together serves as reminder of the need, no matter the season of life, to pray and set our compass on God  . . . our one True North.

And, speaking of prayers . . . your prayers for Anne are much appreciated as she continues in her radiation treatments.

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