By: Lee Ann Jackson February 3, 2019

I’ve heard it said that wisdom is knowing when to speak and when to be silent.

Hearing the news about the pro-abortion legislation in New York and in Virginia, I know for such a time as this, it’s the former.

The cases we are seeing with NY and other states, are attempting to wipe out any protections whatsoever for the state’s unborn babies and their mothers.   – Brad Mattes, President of the Life Issues Institute.

As I read the news about the recent legislation in New York City and the proposed law in Virginia permitting abortion through all 40 weeks of pregnancy, I couldn’t believe it . . . it’s like a bad dream.  No, it’s more like a nightmare.  And over the weekend, reading more about it and seeing people’s social posts about it expressing disbelief, brought me to tears, to prayer and a commitment to learning as much as I can about these unfathomable life-taking decisions being made.

As Brad reflects in his most recent blog,

The reaction has largely been shock, mixed with sadness. A majority of people on both sides of the abortion issue are reeling from the news out of New York.

Not only does this legislation legalize abortion up to the day of birth, it goes beyond Roe v Wade and Doe v Bolton, the companion Court cases of 1973.  New York’s Reproductive Health Act (RHA):

  • Expands legal abortion from 24 weeks to full-term

  • Removes abortion in its entirety from the state penal code

  • Affords protection for hack abortionists who kill a woman during an abortion

  • Denies a woman’s right to seek justice if an assailant kills her unborn baby

  • Allows non-physicians to commit abortion such as nurses, physician assistants or midwives

  • Jeopardizes a health professional’s right to not participate in abortion

  • Removes medical protections for babies who survive the abortion procedure, i.e., legalizing infanticide

  • Legalizes the horrific actions of the notorious abortionist Kermit Gosnell

Most of us would have never imagined a day in which any American much less someone in governmental leadership might suggest what is tantamount to infanticide.  And yet, the news from New York and now Virginia (and several other states in the same process) are proclaiming this as a rightful decision by any mother.

And that’s why Brad and Mallory Quigley (Vice President of Communications, Susan B. Anthony List), recorded a special 26:00 Life Issues edition just this past Friday. Carrying out their commitment to speak for those who have no voice, this special broadcast presents the full scope of this very real threat—not just in five or six states but across the country.  Listeners will learn the very latest on this issue that threatens to impact thousands of pre-born children … and hear steps to be effective advocates on behalf of life.

Education is huge. That’s the foundation on which we build political and legislative victories. Learn more about what has transpired in Virginia and New York and learn more about the details of the states for which we are very concerned. – Brad

Contact me at for details on airing this important message now!


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