By: Haley Jessup August 18, 2017

What are you praying for right now?

When I hear that question, I immediately think through my current list of “asks”—whether it be for myself, my marriage, for friends who are struggling, or family members that aren’t on good terms with one another.

But musician, Tim Timmons, shared an interesting perspective on prayer in a recent edition of Making Your Life Count. He said, “Prayer doesn’t change anything, but Jesus changes everything.”

Tim speaks from his own experience in his fight with cancer as he tells a story about an appointment he had with his oncologist. She was a believer, and he asked her what it’s like hanging out with tons of people in the oncology room. She responded:

“A lot of people pray—and they pray hard—but not many surrender.”

Tim just about fell out of his chair, taken aback by not only her wisdom, but at the deep sense of conviction he felt.

From that point on, prayer became more about a life of surrender for Tim, and less about coming to the Lord to ask and receive.

I’m grateful that, thanks to you, your listeners are both encouraged and convicted through stories like these each and every day.

“And if you come and say: ‘Lord, I yield myself in absolute surrender to my God,’ even though it be with a trembling heart and with the consciousness: ‘I do not feel the power, I do not feel the determination, I do not feel the assurance,’ it will succeed.” —Andrew Murray


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