David Wollen

“I have been crucified with Christ, and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.”

These words from Galatians 2:20 hold profound and precious meaning for David Wollen who was appointed President of Haven Ministries in November 2023. “It means that the Lord Jesus did more than give me life when I believed. He became my life. He is more necessary to my daily existence than food and water. This holds true for all who belong to Christ.”

Bringing this sense of wonder into his leadership role at Haven, David will gradually assume the primary speaker assignment for all the ministry’s broadcast features, both daily long-form and short-form. Stepping into that position, David becomes the fifth speaker in the organization’s 90-year history, following in the footsteps of “First Mate Bob” (Paul Myers), Paul Evans, Ray Ortlund and most recently, Charles Morris.

A multi-faceted career path was part of his unique equipping for the Board-appointed role with the retirement of Charles Morris. In addition to previously working alongside Charles at Haven for over a decade (during which he created and voiced the short feature, Anchor Today), David also served at Douglas Shaw & Associates (a fund-raising agency serving many broadcast ministries) and spent several years in international missions with Far East Broadcasting Company, a sister ministry to Haven.

Now back at the helm of Haven Ministries, David says, “My goal is to spotlight the Lord Jesus. He is on the move in our lives, in our world, and on every page of God’s Word.”

David resides in the greater Chicago area with his wife, Marci, and their three children. They are active leaders in their church, where David serves as an elder and part of the preaching team, and Marci leads women’s ministries.

With a degree in Biblical Studies from Biola University, David is passionate about teaching God’s Word with God’s heart. He sees this as synonymous with Haven’s longtime tagline: “Telling the Great Story … it’s all about Jesus!”

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David Wollen brings a daily 1:00 feature that engages current news headlines with the hope of the gospel.

Every day, David Wollen speaks with warmth and spiritual insight to people who need Jesus in a daily 26:00 program that calls us to the only lasting resolution to life’s problems—the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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