By: Lee Ann Jackson November 14, 2016

We don’t see a lot of fall foliage in Southern California which only made it more difficult to watch a beautiful Maple Leaf tree be removed from my front lawn.  It was a hard decision but the tree’s roots had already caused significant plumbing problems a few years back and it looked as though they might again.

Lamenting about the tree removal to my neighbor, she responded, “I definitely get the root issue.  But, be grateful you had the option to cut the tree down.” (My neighbor has two oak trees on her property – laws prohibit their removal.)

She was right.  Although it wasn’t a decision I wanted to make, at least I had the option to do so.

Our country has an option now.

As Anne Graham Lotz shared in a recent blog post,

“God has established Mr. Trump as the 45th President of the United States. Join me in . . .

Praying for Mr. Trump…that he would turn to God.

Praying that God would give the President-elect wisdom for decisions, courage to do the right thing, protection from danger, strength to govern after a grueling race, grace under the continued fire of opposition, and blessing upon blessing as he seeks to lead our nation forward and up.

Praying that as God’s blessings flow, healing would begin.”

Anne underscores that “Now is the time to recommit ourselves to focusing…not on a particular man or political party…but on the living God of our fathers who is our Hope and who alone can bring the healing America desperately needs.”

I’m so thankful we serve a sovereign God, a God who gives us the option to give Him our cares and concerns and, one who invites us to rest in Him about tomorrow.

P.S.  As our hearts begin to focus on the Thanksgiving season, contact me about adding Anne’s daily 1:00 or weekly 26:00 radio programs to your line-up – both contain great messages underscoring how very blessed we are!


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