By: Katie Burke July 31, 2018

Who in your family fits this description: “They love helping people, especially those who are hurting.” Or how about this one: “They love tradition, routines, and patterns.” The “caregiver” and the “traditionalist” are just two of the seven types explained in a new resource from Focus on the Family — “Ways Our Family Can Connect With God.”

This helpful tool is just part of what’s in store when your listeners sign-up for the “Best Year Ever!” free resource. It’s a new 5-part video series delivered in time-released emails from Focus’ Vice President of Parenting and Youth —Danny Huerta.

Here are the five topics covered in the series:

  1. Helping Kids Connect with God (Spiritual Health)
  2. Raising Emotionally Healthy Kids (Emotional Health)
  3. Connecting with your Pediatrician (Physical Health)
  4. Building Sexual Intelligence (Sexual Health)
  5. Safe Social Connections (Social Health)

Be sure every family in your audience is well-prepared for back-to-school season!

Here’s how to share this free resource:

  1. Download your best size web banners (created for web, email, and social)
  2. Link to:
  3. Direct families to get the free resource from Focus on the Family to experience their Best Year Ever!
  4. Let us know what your listeners think of resources like these!  Email

Who doesn’t want to set their kids up for success?


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