By: Katie Burke March 26, 2018

Did you know that in any given month, Focus on the Family purposes to produce programs with content reflective of six key ministry areas? It’s true! In addition to all the logistics of booking guests, recording interviews, and pushing out quality audio, the broadcast team makes sure that each day listeners hear topics relevant to one of these key areas:

  1. Marriage
  2. Parenting
  3. Evangelism
  4. Sanctity of Life
  5. Engaging the Culture
  6. Advocating for Children

This kind of intentional content planning happens months and months in advance. In April, your listeners will hear the fruit of this labor represented by several much-anticipated shows. Take a look at a sample of how these six areas are represented this month (and be sure not to miss the last one!):

Marriage & Evangelism:
4/2: Hunting for Hope and Happiness
Phil and Kay Robertson, of A&E’s Duck Dynasty, share their powerful story of love and redemption.

4/16-17: Discovering Your Money Type
Hear about the seven “money types” and the strength and weaknesses of each.

4/23: Thriving as a Single Parent
Encouragement and hope for the single parent—how to add godly rituals, healthy boundaries, and fun into your family.

Advocating for Children + Sanctity of Life:
4/12-13: Redeeming Life, Finding Forgiveness
A woman shares about surviving an abortion and later reconnecting with and forgiving her birth mom.

Evangelism + Engaging the Culture:
4/30-5/1—Finding Hope After the Horrors of War
The amazing testimony of the “napalm girl,” the central figure on the iconic Pulitzer Prize-winning photo from Viet Nam.

Unlock each of these broadcasts with the scripted promos (found here), and help talk up the multi-faceted picture that makes Focus on the Family’s Daily Broadcast so beloved by listeners represented in every season of life.

Thanks for your partnership in helping families thrive!


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