By: Haley Jessup July 7, 2017

Have you ever thought of social media as a resource for sharing your faith?

One of my friends recently met up with a woman she had met on Instagram. They had randomly begun following each other, exchanging comments, and then—through an Instagram post—found out they’d both be attending the same church conference!

Both young moms and pastor’s wives, they now encourage each other daily via social media.

On Steve Douglass’ daily 1:00, Making Your Life Count, he tells a similar story about a man named Erick Sorenson who has connected with people from widely diverse backgrounds through his social media accounts.

Erick met one person in particular through Periscope. They started talking and got together a few times—and as a result, this new friend eventually came to Erick’s Bible study!

Erick talks about the relationship that began to develop:

“I’ve been able to mentor him, and that came about because he trusted us. He sees that we care for him and we love him, and so he was willing to do something that was probably initially very uncomfortable for him.”

By engaging socially and extending himself, Erick was able to share the love of Christ with someone who was ready to receive that message.

As a millennial, I’m grateful for this example of just one of the ways in which we can “make our lives count” through our social media … and may we all continue to open our eyes to the many ways we can use whatever platforms we’re given for the glory of the kingdom!



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