By: Katie Burke January 9, 2020

“Hollywood may cheer the right to murder an innocent baby, but more and more people are growing uncomfortable with the taking of preborn life – especially when they see the 4D images of babies inside their mothers’ wombs.”Jim Daly, in talking about Focus on the Family’s response to a speech given at the Golden Globes

People are thinking, talking, and debating about the rights of women and the preborn – so what more will you do in 2020 to support LIFE?  Focus on the Family has five ways for you and your listeners to make a big impact this year.  Choose all five, and get more involved than you’ve ever been before in this critical time in history.

  1. Join Focus on the Family at the March for Life in Washington D.C. January 24. (Email Katie Burke for March for Life PSAs)
  2. Register for ALIVE 2020 – Focus on the Family’s five-city celebration of life event scheduled for Saturday, May 9th.
  3. Learn about Option Ultrasound and support your local pregnancy resource center.
  4. Highlight pro-life broadcasts airing in January on the Daily Broadcast: January 3, 16, 22-23, 24, 29.  (Get scripted promos)
  5. Read and share pro-life resources at

 Bonus!  Watch and share this video announcement from Jim Daly about ALIVE 2020, which includes an encouraging recap about last year’s “ALIVE from New York” event.

Joining with you in elevating the call to value every human life!


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