By: Katie Burke October 10, 2016

During the month of October, Christian radio is playing a significant role in supporting students and honoring pastors with the help of Focus on the Family.  Are you involved?

First — it’s not too late to help promote Bring Your Bible to School Day!  An estimated 352,000 students participated in this event–and those numbers will only increase after the October 20th alternative event date for those in the hurricane-affected areas.

Join us in praising God for the courageous students who boldly showed the love of God to their school.  They unashamedly expressed their belief in the hope of God’s Word by doing something very simple–bringing their Bible to school!

A mom in Oregon had this to say:

“My 6th grader just got home and said because he had his Bible at school today he led a kid to Christ!!  We are freaking out over here!!!  The kid was asking my son a bunch of questions. My son told him to read Genesis 1.  After he did, the kid asked how to be a Christian.  THANK YOU for this day. I am excited to hear from my 3rd grader when she gets home.”

As we continue to celebrate what God is doing as we support students, we also want to be sure you are aware of the many Focus on the Family resources available to honor pastors.  This includes:

A big THANK YOU to Christian radio partners already involved with these two (and more!) special ways to connect with listeners this month.

Together, we’re helping families thrive!


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