Dick BecvarGeneral Manager for Amb-OS

With over thirty years’ experience in satellite and terrestrial communications technology, Dick has all the credentials needed to serve as General Manager of Ambassador’s technology subsidiary, Amb-OS Media.

In recently announcing that Amb-OS would be taking advantage of the cloud, he said: “Amb-OS has afforded the potential and efficiency that networks need in an integrated transmission system that automatically transfers programs—it’s the accessibility of FTP, the distribution of satellite, the reliability of the Internet and a combination of the efficiency and ease of use available through Amb-OS technology.”

With expertise with four other start-up companies before coming to Amb-OS we couldn’t be more pleased to have Dick on our media team.

Dick grew up in central Iowa and lives in the Twin Cities of Minnesota despite the fact we keep trying to allure him from the snowy winters to the perpetual sunshine of Southern California—Irvine to be exact.

Dick and his wife, Juleen have raised three children, all of which live nearby with their families; thus attesting to his insistence in remaining where grandchildren are the main attraction. The Becvars’ attend GracePoint Church in New Brighton, Minnesota.

And from the less technical side of Dick Becvar, he says:

I’m having fun when. . . listening to the grandkids’ instrumental recitals.

My ideal vacation is. . . anywhere there’s no cell or wi-fi coverage.

When I’m reading it’s most often . . . at the breakfast table, catching up on yesterday’s baseball scores.

If I have a “second helping” it’s got to be. . . pizza or anything “healthy!”