Tom BedsonIT Manager
After years of experience in secular industry, we were fortunate to nab this seasoned IT professional to oversee all technical needs for Ambassador and Amb-OS.
Tom and his wife, Nancy, have three grown children.  Native Californians, their sons initiated a transition to Washington state which ultimately led to relocation for the parents—how can you resist the desire to be close to a tribe of grandchildren!  (Fun fact—son, Bryan, is Roger Kemp’s son-in-law while other son, Nate, served several years on the AAA team in production before heading into fulltime ministry.)  Daughter, Noelle, remains a part of the Amb-OS weekend crew as she continues to live and study in SoCal.
When Tom and Nancy met it wasn’t exactly love at first sight!  She was a Christian and Tom was having nothing to do with Christianity or church.  But in time he realized Nancy had what was missing in his own life, becoming rooted in faith at Calvary Chapel (Costa Mesa).  He says, “I came to realize I needed what God had to offer.”  We couldn’t be more grateful!

From the leisure side of life, Tom admits:

With a free afternoon . . . I’d rather be fishing in the mountains!

If I’m reading a book . . . the author on the book jacket is likely to be either C.S. Lewis or J.R.R. Tolkien.

One item remaining on my bucket list is . . . checking out the “D Day” memorials in France and retracing my dad’s WWII path across Europe. He always said his favorite country was Austria and I would love to visit the places he went through—and spend some time in Switzerland and the Alps too.

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