Jani WilliamsonMarketing Data Manager

That old adage, “everyone is replaceable,” will never be applied to Jani Williamson by anyone at Ambassador!

With almost 40 years as a part of our team, no one knows station and ministry information any better than Jani. For many years she served as an Account Executive before assuming a full-time role in marketing support, managing an increasingly sophisticated database of information, tracking all station details.  Her attention to details means that she also dips into Accounting work in generating monthly invoices for AAA.

There isn’t any festive event at the Ambassador headquarters that doesn’t have Jani’s impeccable touch for detail and dramatic presentation—just take a look at her “Party of Twelve” Instagram account for “proof of that pudding”!  One of the best cooks anywhere, our team looks forward to sampling her product line as she occasionally blogs on that topic (recipes at request!).

Jani met her husband, John, at Ambassador and they were married at First Evangelical Free Church in Fullerton where they remain members.

We found out some fun things when we asked her to “fill in the blank”

My greatest gift is. . . my family (which includes my husband John, two grown kids, their spouses, and four beautiful grandkids) AND planning parties!

As an experienced party planner, I always. . . try to reflect the personality or likes of the person we’re celebrating. And I always like to give a take-away party “favor” even if it’s just a big decorative paper clip or flower or piece of candy.

If you ask about my grandchildren. . . I’d say each one is beautiful and unique and special and precious to me!

You’ll get my immediate attention. . . if you say the word JOY!

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