Jennifer PerezMedia Strategist

The broadcasts Jennifer has served over more than 25 years as a Media Strategist at Ambassador are quick to acknowledge a much-appreciated duality in her work—thorough-going professional expertise companioned with a heart for the message and mission of the organizations she serves.

Jennifer doesn’t hold back when it comes to involvement in every aspect of the ministry outreach with which she’s involved and because of that, has become an integral part of their strategy team as well.  Serving The Colson Center for many years, Jennifer completed a long-held goal in May 2014, graduating as a Colson Center Fellow, a prestigious honor, after completing their intensive year-long biblical worldview study program.

A graduate of Azusa Pacific University in 1993 with a major in marketing, Jennifer came to AAA through an interesting “connecting” through her hairdresser.  (Just ask her to tell that story.)  She and husband, Matt, are enjoying the “empty nest” season with both kids now attending college in Texas. With that comes a new church home, appreciating the fellowship at Crossline Community Church (Laguna Hills CA).

When asked, she said. . .

When I was a kid . . . I dreamed of having an office job where I carried a briefcase – and always thought I’d work in advertising.  Who says dreams don’t come true?!

You’ll never find me. . . zip-lining or jumping out of a plane!

My dream would be to. . . travel throughout Europe.

I never thought. . . being a wife and a mom would be so rewarding!

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