Mark ConnerProducer

It would be difficult to imagine Ambassador’s creative team without Mark Conner. There are very view audio projects in his 29-year tenure that he hasn’t participated in producing—from daily programs, to talk shows, 1:00 features and annual specials. And he does so with creativity that enhances each project for which he’s responsible.

A graduate of California State/Long Beach—Mark majored in physical education with a minor in Computer Science—a minor that’s become “major” in today’s digital audio world—one with which he’s become familiar on a daily basis.

Mark and his wife, Cathy, have two daughters living at home with them. Summer attends nearby Vanguard University and heads the Surf Club there. Sarah is finishing her senior year in high school.

The Conner family attend First Evangelical Free Church in Fullerton where Mark and Cathy met, where he proposed to her in one of the services and where they were married “the first day of summer” in June, 1996.

We discovered other “fun” facts when we asked. . .

It makes me laugh when. . . something funny comes out of nowhere—when it’s least expected.

Something I’d like to do that I haven’t done. . . is visit Israel. I’d love to see all the places the Bible talks about. I think it would be a life changer for me.

My favorite past-time. . . is hanging out with my family at home or going somewhere together like surfing, out to dinner, or visiting friends and relatives.