By: Haley Jessup November 21, 2017

“There’s not a better worldview to build a society on than the Bible.”
—Steve Green

Last week, Peg and Jim graciously took our entire team to the grand opening of Museum of the Bible!!

After having the privilege of working on its daily feature, The Book, for the last two and a half years here at Ambassador, there are truly no words to describe how incredible it was to see “the Book”—and its vast impact—come to life.

As I sat in the crowd during the dedication ceremony, I couldn’t help but imagine the ways in which the Museum of the Bible will expand the reach of this sacred Book … the ways in which it will plant seeds for the Bible to become a lifeline for people who don’t yet know that they need it.

It would take 9 days, at 8 hours per day, to read every placard, see every artifact, and experience every activity in the museum … so, my parents and I squeezed as much as we could into one afternoon!

One of my favorites was the fly board experience, Washington Revelations, which reveals the Bible’s influence all over D.C. as you fly through the city. It’s pretty much breathtaking to see God’s Word intertwined with all of the history!

Museum of the Bible’s vision is to invite all people to engage with the Bible, and this is exactly what you get as soon as you pull up to the building’s entrance.

I know my parents and I will forever cherish this trip—and I hope you’re able to engage with this Book of all books at the museum so very soon!

Thank you, Peg and Jim, for such an amazing opportunity!


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  • Lisa Campos

    So happy for all of you to be able to experience the “first fruits” of this amazing place together! 🙂 I can’t wait to visit. Blessings, Lisa

    • Haley Jessup

      Thanks, Lisa!! I can’t wait for you to visit either … it’s amazing! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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