By: Lee Ann Jackson March 2, 2020

I’ve added a new podcast to my library – the BBC’s Deserted Islands.  It’s an intriguing podcast in which a well-known person is asked the question, if you were to be castaway alone on a desert island, which eight songs would you choose to have with you.

Besides the interesting content of the podcast, the host is always well prepared for the interview and the banter between the two is unpredictable and enjoyable.

Along with the song selections, the guests are also asked what book they would choose to have with them on the deserted island. The book the castaway chooses is in addition to the two they’re automatically given – each is given a volume of Shakespeare and a copy of the Bible.  While I do, on occasion, enjoy reading a work of Shakespeare, it’s the Bible, of course, that I would treasure . . . for so many reasons.

As Anne Graham Lotz shared at the closing banquet of the National Religious Broadcasters convention last week,

The Holy Spirit works through the Word of God.

In her message, Anne reminded us of the importance in spending time reading His Word and reading it with a heart that believes every word is from the Lord,

I don’t understand everything in it, but from Genesis to Revelation, it’s the truth.

In addition to the Biblically-based daily messages in her radio programs, “Daily Light for Daily Living” and the weekend program, “Living in the Light,” the ministry also has great tools designed for times of intimate fellowship with Jesus.  There are topical studies designed to apply God’s Word to everyday lives available on the ministry web site.  I’ve particularly enjoyed reading through the studies and experiencing first-hand how deeply His Word ministers to me.

As shared in her NRB message and, evidenced in her radio programs, Anne’s desire is that listeners would be drawn into a life-changing relationship with God through His Word . . . the bestselling book of all time!




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