By: Evelyn Gibson August 24, 2017

As part of the Ambassador team working with Museum of the Bible, it’s exciting to note that on Monday, August 28, MOTB aired their 500th broadcast of “The Book” on over 700 outlets across the country.

From the get-go, each of the 1:00 features have been conversation starters to talk about the Bible.

I can’t tell you how often I’ve used a story or an event from the daily broadcast to introduce the Bible into just about any conversation.

I might say, “Did you know that Chattanooga, Tennessee is the most Bible-minded city in the country?”  Or “Did you know Michelangelo’s murals in the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel are all scenes from the Bible?”  Or how about this one: “Did you know that tattoos were an ancient way of identifying Christians in some ancient pagan cultures?”  (No kidding!)

The point is each story, whether from the arts, science, archaeology or from the Bible itself, is one that has and is impacting every sphere of influence imaginable!

As we celebrate this 500th broadcast I am so looking forward to visiting Museum of the Bible 82 days from now, as it opens in November in Washington, D.C.

My friends and co-workers may not be able to move me away from the entrance, one that will undoubtedly become the most photographed museum entrance in Washington D.C.

Someone said, “It will be like walking through the Bible itself!”

I’m so looking forward to entering through those dramatic 40-foot high bronze gates emblazoned with Genesis 1 from the Gutenberg Bible!

Happy 500th broadcast to “The Book!”

Engage with the Bible—this book of all books!


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