By: Lee Ann Jackson March 3, 2019

There are few monuments in the world as iconic as the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt . . . dating back nearly 5,000 years, it’s the only one of the Seven Wonders of the World still standing.

Upon visiting Giza, I discovered something that in retrospect should have been obvious: pyramids are not the easiest places to navigate.

First, you climb up the exterior stairs, then you enter in and begin a steep, narrow and long climb up to the tomb. As I continued to travel the narrow and upward passageway, the outside light kept dimming. By the time I reached the top of the pathway and entered the tomb, it was very dark – almost like nightfall.

I, along with my fellow tourists, were in the dark until we started to shimmy down out of the tomb, back into the narrow passageway.  Slowly, as we neared the exit, we began to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Brad Mattes shared in a recent Life Issues commentary about the Senate’s failure to protect babies who survive abortion. In the same program though, he also noted the recent victories on the pro-life front.  I couldn’t help but wonder if we might be nearing the “light at the end of the deadly tunnel” of abortion.

Many pro-life Americans are discouraged by the Senate’s failure to protect babies who survive abortion, and laws passed by states allowing abortion until birth.  But they’re not hearing about the victories.  Arkansas passed a law to stop abortion if Roe is overturned, and the Tennessee House passed a similar bill.  Both Arkansas and Utah are working to stop late-term abortion.  Arizona defeated an attempt to legalize infanticide of babies who survive abortion.  Kentucky is working to stop abortions on babies with Down syndrome and to also end abortion if Roe is overturned.  Tennessee is working to pass a Heartbeat bill.  These states have either succeeded or are likely to succeed in passing protective legislation.  Please keep praying for our efforts.  – Brad Mattes

The definition of a light at the end of the tunnel is a reason to believe that a bad, or in this case, devastating, situation, will end soon.

Thank you for partnering in the sharing of the daily 1:00 messages of life in the prayerful anticipation that the light at the end of the deadly tunnel of abortion would appear sooner than later!

(Brad is heading to the National Religious broadcasters Convention, (NRB), later this month and available for interviews — contact me, Lee Ann, to schedule your interview and update your listeners on all that’s happening on the pro-life front right now!)


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