By: Haley Jessup August 11, 2017

Honking horns, Broadway, amazing pizza, and strolls through Central Park … this was my experience this past week as my husband, Brian, and I got to visit firsthand a ministry that I’ve been thrilled to serve here at Ambassador.

I’ve never been to a Mets game, let alone stood on the field, as Pastor Carter Conlon—pastor of one of New York’s largest churches—threw the first pitch, spoke afterwards, and led many into the Kingdom. And to top it all off, the echoes of the TSC choir rang throughout the stadium as they sang the National Anthem!

A few days after this event, we attended the Tuesday night worldwide prayer meeting at the church (which you can stream online here).

Can you imagine a steadfast and faith-filled congregation dedicated to calling upon the Lord for all things? Scripture says that we must humble ourselves, pray, and seek His face. This has been a constant theme throughout Pastor Carter’s daily and weekly programs, and it’s what we experienced as we sat front row.

I was overwhelmed at how present the Holy Spirit was—and how many people from all over the world tune in on Tuesdays to participate in this night of fervent prayer.

After all that we squeezed into our short time in the city, I’m not surprised that our visit with and to TSC was the biggest highlight by far.

So very grateful to serve a ministry that accepts you as you are, speaks truth into your heart, and never lets you leave without feeling encouraged.


 LEFT: Brian and I on the Mets field; RIGHT: In Pastor Carter’s seat in the radio studio   


LEFT: Pastor Carter speaking after the game; RIGHT: Our lovely host and friend from TSC, Tammy 


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