By: Jim Sanders June 9, 2016

On this side of The Pond, we’ve always had a strange fascination with the British Royal family.  It’s a little hard to understand (at least to me) why tens of millions of U.S. Citizens would wake up early to watch, throw parties, even dress in wedding attire while British monarchy wed.  However you measure popularity–the cover of gossip rags, stories on TMZ, prime time specials–this country is obsessed with the royals.

One psychologist, Dr. Nicole Joseph offered a possible explanation by underscoring at least six reasons:

  1. We all secretly wish we could be the ones to wear the crown.
  2. Often we want to feel a part of something larger than ourselves.  Childhood fairytales only reinforce that thinking.
  3. We share a national history.  No matter where the family tree forks, we have an historic connection to the brits.
  4. “The knight in shining armor” syndrome made Charles & Diana’s and Kate and William’s weddings all the more interesting.
  5. The pervasive and secret wish we all have to win the lottery, be famous or marry a prince.
  6. We watch the Royals from womb to tomb.  In some odd way, the more we watch, the more they become part of our family.

I’m not sure how many of those items apply to me.  What I’d really like is an inside glimpse on what everyday family life is like–if there is such a thing–in Buckingham Palace.  Do they have a clue as to how much milk costs?  Do they like Downton Abbey?  …and do they binge watch?  Have they ever refilled a prescription at the pharmacy or filled out a tax form?  Do they cook?  …even for fun?  What actually consumes their day?

I suppose only a few close handlers will every fully know the answers to those questions.  But there are a couple others which are actually being addressed this week on Haven Today.  Questions like, “Does the queen mother really believe in God?” and “Does she believe in Jesus, as the provider of her salvation?”

Charles Morris has called this series, “The Servant Queen…and the King She Serves.”

There’s no question.  She does believe in a personal savior.  His name is Jesus Christ, and her relationship with God has profoundly influenced the way she serves Great Britain.  If you haven’t had a chance to listen, click on the Haven Today website and take a listen.  Or of course you can stream the audio via your favorite podcast software and via the Haven app in your choice of mobile app stores.

I have no doubt that her walk with God is different than mine in many ways.  But, candidly, I’ve been surprised as I listen how similar our experiences are.

Is it possible I could call the Queen of England, the “Protector of the Faith,” my sister in Christ?  Yes, absolutely.  And that makes me all the more interested in her life!

Jim Sanders

Ambassador: We Connect. Ministry and Media.


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