For airing June 11-12

In this impactful update on the dramatic events at the Supreme Court, Brad Mattes looks at the likely overturning of the nearly 50-year old Roe v. Wade decision, reminding audiences that this is good news for women and the pro-life movement.  Guests include moms who were refused abortion and now express deep gratitude for the law that precluded it.  Other voices provide further encouragement of the path forward.  This special simply couldn’t be any more timely!

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“The sky won’t fall if Roe is overturned.  Quite the opposite.  Women and their babies will flourish in a culture of life.”  ~Brad Mattes

Program Specs

Title:  The Sky Isn’t Falling: Realities of a Post-Roe America

Associated Speaker/Program:  
Brad Mattes / Life Issues

Half-hour Sanctity of Life radio special

June 11-12

Lee Ann Jackson, 949-681-7644

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About Brad Mattes

A veteran of the pro-life cause . . .

With over 40 years of significant contribution and recognition in the pro-life movement, Brad Mattes is widely known in the United States and worldwide for his passion for the preborn.

He is the commentator for the daily Life Issues program, heard on over 1,100 radio outlets nationwide and is the co-founder and president of Life Issues Institute, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio.

As president of the organization, Brad is responsible for the global objective of Life Issues Institute: to develop and disseminate effective pro-life education.