By: Haley Jessup May 11, 2018

Are we hidden when we should be visible, and are we silent when we should be declaring the Good News of Jesus Christ?

We’re living in a time where darkness is unavoidable.

Whether it’s TV, the news, or even the people that surround us, conversation has become vile and sin has become accepted, even normalized.

And as Christians living in this world, what are we doing to honor and share the glory of God?

On the latest edition of A Call to the Nation, Pastor Carter shares that Lifeway Research recently found that 61% of all believers in Christ in a 6 month period prior to the survey had not told a single person how to become a Christian.

Pastor Carter also shares that a friend of his was traveling home from a conference and was sitting on a shuttle bus next to a 25-year-old woman. Small talk turned into a conversation about God, and the woman said:

“I knew there was somebody in history called Jesus but I didn’t know he was the son of God. Nobody ever told me that He died for me.”

And right there, in that moment, she surrendered her life to Christ.

Pastor Carter asks: “Are we standing on the wrong side of the message?”

Are we missing out on leading someone to a relationship with Christ? Are we abandoning important opportunities that God has intentionally placed right before us?

We’re grateful for the role you play in sharing these types of convicting and powerful questions with your listeners weekly as you air A Call to the Nation.


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