By: Haley Jessup July 21, 2017

In what ways have you gone out of your way to creatively show mercy to others?

On a recent broadcast of The Mercy Minute, Don Stephens tells the story of Mercy Ships crew member, George Coleman, who saw treasure where others saw trash.

The locals of Madagascar said that nothing will grow in regions covered by sand, but George looked at the deserted land and saw promise and opportunity.

He gathered large bins of Mercy Ships food scraps with other crew members, and headed to a wasteland owned by a mining company. An organization called Love and Care Ministries then converted the deserted area into a food bowl for the city’s hungry children.

The food scraps are tossed for months and transformed in the nutrient, rich compost … in just a few short weeks, the desolate lot becomes a thriving garden.

A variety of vegetables are harvested and this nutritious food provides a new meal for school children.

Thanks to the creativity and hope that George displayed, Mercy Ships was not only able to provide medical healing, but nourishment for the Madagascar community as well!

What a wonderful example of the beauty that comes when we step beyond human interpretation, into the hope and healing that God has to offer!


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