By: Haley Jessup November 21, 2017

There’s no doubt that we’re living in some pretty interesting times.

But in the midst of tragedy, controversy, or simply everyday life, how can we be a light to others and show God’s love in the process?

On a recent edition of Making Your Life Count, David Platt shares:

“I’m always amazed when I think about the fact that God put me and you in this time and this place—and he’s put us here for a reason.”

The Lord’s plans for our existence were not just by coincidence. And not only is His timing intentional, but the ways in which He’s gifted us are as well!

We all have unique spheres of influence, and distinctive giftings that allow us to fulfill His purpose for our lives—and we need to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit as we seek to make our lives count for His glory.

David encourages listeners to openly surrender our lives and purpose to God, and—in doing so—He will use us in ways far beyond what we could ever ask.

It’s a great reminder that making our lives count often starts with laying our lives down.


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