By: Katie Burke July 26, 2019

Amazon said that this year’s Prime Day sales surpassed Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined – totaling more than 175 million items.

Well, I’ll admit it:  I bit, I browsed, I bought.  But I also employed another “b” word – I stayed in my budget.

Sure, I was tempted to buy a lot of discounted “lightning deals” and upgrade older items I own to the latest model.  There was considerable media buzz that almost made me feel I’d be missing out if I didn’t join my fellow 100 million Prime members in snatching up the discounts.

But I didn’t give in to the craze.  I exercised self-control.  Why?  It’s because I’ve found something more satisfying than clicking that bright yellow “ADD TO CART” button:  contentment.  It’s a theme that Callie Briese talks about each day in the new 1:00 short feature from Thrivent, “Be Wise and Thrive.”  I found the program that aired on July 25th particularly confirming to my recent Prime Day experience:

“Retail Therapy” (Airdate:  July 25)

Have you ever noticed how your mood changes when you walk into certain retail stores?  The bright colors, energetic music.  I find myself pulling out my pocketbook with hopes of recreating the store ambiance in my home.  Hi, this is Callie Briese with Thrivent, helping you be wise and thrive.

It’s hard to feel content in that space, isn’t it? Suddenly our homes – without the latest technology, or the rich leather couches, or the beautiful décor – look weary.  It’s hard to be content in our fast-paced, materialistic world.  Did you know there’s a whole field called “retail psychology”?  It studies what factors influence how and when consumers spend.  Basically, how to make you feel like you need to buy something to be content.

How do you keep from falling into that trap?  It takes discipline.  And a plan for saving, spending and giving that supports your faith and your values.

So don’t let things define your life.  Instead, ask God to help you know how much is enough for you and your family.  And then let that guide your buying decisions.

I agree with you, Callie!  Being content is much more satisfying than finding myself trapped by consumerism.  That’s why I’m responsible for just one of those 175 million items.

Are you regularly helping your listeners to think about what their “enough” is?  You will do that when you air “Be Wise and Thrive.”  Audition the feature and contact to sign-up today!


P.S.  A man surprised his wife with an Amazon box that’s good enough to eat!  (Now that’s a “Happy Birthday”!)


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