By: Katie Burke December 18, 2017

It’s the final count-down…just a few days remain until Christmas Day.  Are you ready?  Focus on the Family wants to help both your family and your listening family as you enjoy these last few days before Christmas.  There’s many offerings they’ve created to help families thrive, and we’ve put together a day-by-day checklist to help you make the most out of this last week before Christmas.  Take a look!

December 18:
Need a last-minute gift idea?  Check out Jim Daly’s list of Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas!

December 19:
Give listeners a last-minute Christmas gift by pointing them to the Exclusive Christmas Digital Audio Bundle.  It’s free, and features a charming inspirational story, creative memory-making ideas, and episodes of Adventures in Odyssey.

December 20:
Do you have a young adult coming home for Christmas?  Check out for practical advice for helping today’s young adults thrive during the Christmas season:

December 21:
Download the exclusive set of Whit’s End Christmas cards to print and give as a gift at Christmas. Everyone that receives a card will be directed to an online location where they can download two Adventures in Odyssey episodes to listen to, read an excerpt from one of our most popular Christmas books, plus other fun Christmas crafts, recipes and stories from Clubhouse magazine.

December 22:
Wind down from the work week by tuning in to the special edition Christmas Stories podcast series with hosts John Fuller and Eva Daniel.

 December 23:
Thinking about taking the family to see a movie over the holiday break?  Be sure to check out the Plugged In movie review first.  While you’re at the site, see what made their list of Top Picks in 2017 for…

  1. Television
  2. Music (By the way, did you know that listening to Christmas music too much may be bad for you?)
  3. Video Games

December 24:
Settle down with a classic tale as Focus on the Family Radio Theatre presents, “A Christmas Carol” (and if you’d like to air it on your station, let me know!).

December 25:
If you think your family is “different”—wait until you hear about the fried squirrel recipe on the back woods, Christmas day edition of Focus on the Family!  You’ll hear some wacky and heartwarming holiday stories from Phil and Kay Robertson, who head up the well-known Duck Dynasty clan.  (See what else is airing in December)

Merry Christmas on behalf of Focus on the Family!!


P.S. You don’t have to wait until January to sign up NOW for the free simulcast of Evangelicals for Life (January 18-20).


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