Max Lucado conveys refreshing insights from Scripture with an emphasis on practical Christian living in a daily 1:00 feature.  He says, “There’s nothing more exciting than telling the story of a Savior who left a perfect home and gave His life for an imperfect people.  And what an opportunity I have through UpWords to continue telling the story.”

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“We live in a world that is desperately in need of hope…and Max Lucado provides that to our listeners every afternoon on ‘UpWords’.  Few preachers articulate God’s message with as much clarity, joy, and humility as Max Lucado…it is a privilege to air this outstanding program on all 20 stations in our network.”

-Roger Lonnquist, GM

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UpWords is the daily devotional ministry of Max Lucado. A preacher with a storyteller’s gift—a pastor’s heart and a poet’s pen, Max’s books are some of the most widely read in America.  Learn more at maxlucado.com.


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Hannah Bare

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