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“I was in a large group touring Israel, and one afternoon in the hotel lobby I met Max Lucado.  We were enjoying a conversation, when one of Max’s daughters came running excitedly to her father, and was eager to tell him something.  Max politely said excuse me, and turned from me to hear what his little daughter had to say.  When many of us would have asked our child to ‘be quiet because I am talking’, Max priority was his daughter.  That was many years ago and I will never forget it.  We air Upwords four times daily our WPNW “The Pledge”.  His words are so very real and timely, and he proved to me that his actions match his wise words.” -Les Lanser, Owner/President WPNW 96.5 FM “The Pledge”

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    UpWords is the daily devotional ministry of Max Lucado.  A preacher with a storyteller’s gift—a pastor’s heart and a poet’s pen, Max’s books are some of the most widely read in America.  Learn more at


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