By: Haley Jessup August 9, 2018

Sin is like dirt that is splattered everywhere; it not only takes deep and evil roots within your own heart, but its long-lasting effects have impact on friends, families, communities … even the nation.

It’s heartbreaking to watch a small seed of temptation grow into something so much more … the impact always far more than the sinner could have imagined.

In a recent broadcast of It’s Time to Pray, Pastor Carter Conlon states:

The fire of evil is only capable of destruction. In contrast to this, the true presence of God sets people free and turns everyone back to a place of light and life.

In such turbulent times for our culture, it can be overwhelming to hear of the evil that takes place.

Each day and week, Pastor Carter reminds listeners that—with prayer—evil can happen, but it will not prevail!

The “light and life” of Christ are so much bigger than any “splatter” of sin.

We’re so grateful for your commitment to airing It’s Time to Pray and A Call to the Nation, and sharing with listeners that now, more than ever, we must get back to prayer.


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