By: Lee Ann Jackson July 12, 2016

As I was watching the news unfold regarding the tragedy in Dallas, I thought to myself, “what am I going to say to my daughter?”

I’m so glad Brad Mattes was not only able, but willing, to answer the question.

As Brad shares in a “Life Issues® commentary,

“We many not fully know the details of the shooting which led to this, for weeks to come. There’s one thing we do know.  It’s the thing that should direct our thoughts and actions in the fallout of these tragic events.  God’s the author of human life and abortion has sullied our country to the point that a lack of respect for it is rampant. We witnessed some of the worst of this in Dallas.  The only answer for what ails us; the single remedy to right the wrong is Jesus.  Seek the face of Jesus to heal and restore our nation.  Share Him with others.”

So, I’ll explain to my daughter that although we may not understand why tragedies like the one in Dallas happen, there is one thing we know for sure, we have a God who loves us . . . a God who loves every single life. 

And that’s the most important thing I can say to her.

Lee Ann Jackson

Ambassador Advertising.  We Connect.  Ministry and Media.

P.S.  If you aren’t airing “Life Issues® and want to share this timely message with your listeners, please contact me for clearance.


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