By: Katie Burke October 3, 2017

Today, we sit in grief in confusion over the tragic shooting in Las Vegas.  In response to the news, Focus on the Family’s Jim Daly said, “This is a horrifying reminder of the evil that can lurk in the heart of man, and the brevity of life on earth.”

This week, parents are helping their kids cope with the violence and loss.  At the workplace, the door to talking about deeper, spiritual things has opened just a little bit wider.  People are looking for answers to explain the hurt and suffering that happens in this world.  Another place this is happening is at schools, and in conversations amongst friends between classes.

As God would ordain, this week young people are already being prepared to take a bold step of faith.  About 500,000 public school students from all 50 states will join Focus on the Family’s Bring Your Bible to School movement on Thursday, October 5.

Make sure your listeners are planning to participate in the fourth annual student-led religious freedom event.  Talk about it on-air, and participate on social media where kids and teens will be using #BringYourBible to explain why they’re taking part in this day.

The timing of this event couldn’t be more important.  In a week where people are asking “why” and “what next,” we can point them to the source of truth and eternal life.

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