By: Haley Jessup January 29, 2018


I grew up hearing this word and talking in Sunday school about its importance.

God commands us in Exodus to “remember the Sabbath day” and he demonstrated this for us in Genesis when we learn that “on the seventh day God … rested … from all the work that he had done.”

Believe it or not, as a girl who grew up in the church, I never realized that, in Jewish traditions, Sabbath is observed from sundown on Friday until sundown on Saturday.

Of course, in Christendom, we know that the Sabbath moved to Sunday with the Resurrection of Jesus, and distinguished early Christians from other Jewish sects.

As a lifelong believer in Christ, I’m so glad that I can continue to grow in my knowledge through The Book. I’m intrigued to think of what I might learn through the following features airing this February:

2/1:  National Freedom Day

2.2:  Big Game Sunday  (Super Bowl)

2/5-2/13: Black History Month

2/9-2/23: Olympic Winter Games

2/12: Lincoln’s birthday

2/14: Beginning of Lent

2/15: The Daytona 500

2/19: Samson (the movie)


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