By: Haley Jessup January 29, 2018

I recently saw an inspiring post on Facebook from a friend of mine who just returned from a year of mission work.

The photo she shared was of her wrapped in a blanket, shielding herself from the cold as she looked out into the Himalayan Mountains. She and her husband had taken a 22 mile hike through the mountains to share the gospel to unreached people groups who have never heard the name of Jesus.

As I read about the passion and fire that awakened in her spirit during this experience, I couldn’t help but think about all of the ways in which God calls us to make our lives count.

While some may be called to prison ministry or Christian radio, and others to raising their children well or hiking through the Himalayan Mountains … it’s truly beautiful to watch Him lead and direct our unique and purpose-filled paths.

I’m so grateful for our daily feature, Making Your Life Count, as it encourages listeners to make each and every day count for the glory of the Kingdom.

Imagine all of the inspiring purpose-filled Facebook posts that are being shared as a result of your part in sharing this timely and important message!


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