By: Haley Jessup November 10, 2017

What legacy of mercy do you want to leave?

A recent edition of The Mercy Minute tells the story of a women named Christine, who was described at her funeral as caring, radiant, inspiring, and loving. And it wasn’t just a few people that spoke these kind words over her, but a crowd of those whom she’d impacted throughout her lifetime.

Whenever doctors fussed about her, she sent them away to help others who needed it more.

She made bright, fluffy chemo hats for other cancer patients.

She cooked and baked endlessly for other people.

She even recorded herself reading children’s stories for her soon-to-be-born grandchildren.

Christine saw every day as an opportunity to show love to someone … a true example of the message Don Stephens encourages us with daily: to spread mercy wherever you go.

Thanks for airing The Mercy Minute and encouraging your listeners to leave this kind of legacy each and every day!


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