By: Lee Ann Jackson April 8, 2019

I’ve been mothering for some time now – over two decades. As a mom of three children, one married, one applying to Masters Programs and one who is just a year away from high school graduation, I think I’ve learned quite a bit about parenting.

But, are we ever truly done learning this parenting thing?

I was reminded this past week that we aren’t.  I also learned that some of my teaching will come from my children as the proverbial, “the teacher became the student” became my reality.

My youngest taught me a lesson I’m embarrassed to admit. She taught me to be bold. She taught me to worry less about what people might think and more about what’s really important.

My daughter taught me to initiate conversations about abortion.

But she didn’t stop there, she taught me to be sure I underscored to those I have the conversation with, that innocent little lives are at stake.

As the movie Unplanned released in theaters last week, my daughter asked me to take her to see it. In the days afterwards, she not only posted about the movie on her Instagram stories, she started organizing a group of high school friends to go see it as well.

Unplanned, the story of Abby Johnson and her conversion from a Planned Parenthood director to a stalwart in the pro-life movement, went from being shown in 1,000 theatres to 1,700. As of last week, the movie also took in six million dollars at the box office.

Brad Mattes, speaker on “Life Issues” notes,

“It’s important for Christians to support this film, to see it, and take others with you. I promise you, after you see this movie, you’ll never be indifferent to the subject of abortion again.”

My daughter knew this to be true and wasted no time seeing the movie, sharing about it and inviting others to see it.  She also noted that the movie has given her the chance to bring up the topic at school and initiate important conversations.

“I interviewed Abby weeks after she left the abortion industry and heard her testimony first-hand. In light of the renewed focus on her powerful story, we are pleased to release an encore presentation of the radio special created from it,  A Change of Heart.” – Brad

To share this important 26:00 radio interview with Abby and initiate the conversation with your listeners and in your community, contact me, today!

As my daughter said to me, “Why wait? There are lives at stake!”


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