By: January 27, 2020

I heard somebody say the other day that they aren’t getting old, they just can’t remember stuff because their brain is full!

I don’t know about a “full brain” but I do know that I need to write more things down these days in order to remember them.

Of course, there’s always the “don’t forget to do this” post-it note, or the grocery list, but in addition to writing down daily mundane reminders, I’m taking time to write down reminders of far greater significance.

Here are a few such reminders I’ve gleaned from messages Joni Eareckson Tada shares in her radio programs:

  • You, too, may be unskilled and ill-equipped; friends might even think your word, unreliable.  But that’s where the power of the Holy Spirit comes in to play.  All you need to do is share the testimony of Jesus lived out in your life.  What has He done for you?  How has He changed you?  You begin sharing that simple story once or twice, and with each testimony, you will grow more bold, more courageous, and more convincing.
  • And as the saying goes, if God has brought you to it, He will bring you through it.  How can that be? Because with God, all things are possible; yes, even in (and especially in) impossible situations. Believe me, I’ve experienced it time and again – God coming through, God redeeming, God answering, God leading me up and out of it all.
  • Take a giant step today by asking the Lord to cleanse your longings.   Long for the Gospel to go forth in the world; long for the soon return of Christ; long for God to heal you of a sin-sick soul.  Long for the name of the Lord to be exalted.  These are good words for you today.
  • You don’t have to go on some long journey or pilgrimage to find Him.  You don’t have to track Him down.  No, God has made himself accessible, reachable, and findable.  Just look up and call on His name.

My most recent notable reminder came from a ministry event at KWVE radio in Orange County last week.   The event was a pastor’s luncheon at which Joni and members of the team at JAF spoke at regarding Joni and Friends Family Retreats.  KWVE is graciously partnering with the ministry to undergird the local Family Retreat and, in the process, so beautifully reflecting the very message Joni shared at the gathering:

To keep experiencing His love, we need to give it away.

A truth worthy to remember!

(Going to NRB? So is Joni!  Send me a note at to set up an interview or, pending schedule availability, a coffee/tea visit!)


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