By: Katie Burke December 14, 2018

In an age where people can more easily create their own playlists, the days of buying the latest music compilation album have mostly passed.  I remember finding these “Greatest Hits” CDs fascinating as I looked for which of my favorites did or didn’t make the cut.  It was also a way of knowing what was most popular in culture today.

When it comes to Christian teaching and talk radio, Focus on the Family has provided a great way of knowing the top-of-mind topics, authors, and influential voices of today.  Available now is their own compilation album – the “Best of 2018 Focus on the Family Broadcasts.”  See who made the tracklist below!

Here’s what your listeners said was their favorite “Focus on the Family” broadcasts that represent the year’s best advice on marriage and parenting in 2018:

  • Expressing Pro-life Views in Winsome Ways I-II with Mr. Scott Klusendorf
  • Game Plan for Raising Well-behaved Children I-II with Dr. Kevin Leman
  • Affair-proof Your Marriage I-II with Pastor Dave Carder
  • Nurturing Your Child’s Personality I-II with Mrs. Hettie Brittz
  • Controlling Your Tongue with Mrs. Deborah Pegues
  • Letting Go of Offenses with Mr. Brant Hansen
  • Understanding How to Manage Anger in Motherhood I-II with Mrs. Amber Lia and Mrs. Wendy Speake
  • Exploring Your Love Styles with Mr. Milan and Mrs. Kay Yerkovich
  • Protecting Your Child from Sexual Abuse with Mr. Justin and Mrs. Lindsey Holcomb
  • Equipping Kids to Handle Money I-II with Mr. Dave Ramsey
  • Cultivating Wise Tech Habits in Your Teen with Mr. Jonathan McKee
  • Helping Engaged Couples Become More We-focused with Mrs. Lucille Williams
  • Saving Your Marriage from Divorce I-II with Dr. David Clarke
  • Engaging Hearts and Minds in a Broken Culture with Mr. Ray Vander Laan
  • Accepting Your Imperfect Life with Mrs. Amy Carroll Bonus: Living Well After Middle I-II with Mr. Ken Davis

By the way, you’ll hear many of these broadcasts on the air this month in special encore presentations.

Looking forward to bringing and hearing the best in 2019 with you!


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