Every day, Charles Morris speaks with warmth and spiritual insight to people who need Jesus in a daily 26:00 program that calls us to the only lasting resolution to life’s problems—the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Every day’s program is fresh, relatable and engaging.

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“Charles Morris, with his background in journalism, gives a uniquely effective atmosphere to Haven Today, the current radio program of Haven Ministries which has served so well since 1934 to point listeners to life in Jesus Christ.” –Nelson Wilson, General Manager at KBGN-AM (Caldwell, ID)

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    Haven Ministries is united with one common purpose . . . to tell the Great Story that’s all about Jesus.  Learn more at haventoday.org


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    Jim Sanders

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    One of the best Haven Today programs from the previous week is selected for your weekend listeners—commentary based on that week’s news with biblical application … offering hope for people who need Jesus every day!

    Charles Morris brings a daily 1:00 feature that engages current news headlines with the hope of the gospel.

    The daily invitation to “anchor your day in God’s word” includes a full verse of Scripture and relatable illustration voiced by Charles Morris.