By: June 23, 2021

… was a very good year … because it began the (so far) 73-year marriage for Al Sanders & Margaret Bascom, wed on June 25.  Here’s what else that year rendered J!

1-For the first time in 2,000 years this country became an independent state.  Country?  First prime minister?

2-The current JFK Airport opened under what original name on July 1 this year?

3-Name the Indian pacificist murdered on January 26 this year at the age of 78.

4-What company launched its “instant” camera, selling for $89.75 in a Boston department store.

5-The U.N. establishes an agency that will, during pandemic days, be much villainized especially by Trump J.

6-Daytona Beach hosts the first official race for this acronym’ed organization.  (Bonus if you know what the acronym is for.)

7-A guy who will probably never get to be King was born.  Name?

8-A nifty invention by a Swiss outdoorsman is introduced after he is intrigued by burrs that kept sticking to his dog’s fur.

9-A popular game featuring letter tiles was introduced.  Name the game.

10-The United States and Great Britain being a massive airlift after the Soviets blockade what city?

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