By: Peggy Campbell October 7, 2021

I’m going to give you help by starting small and going big.

1-The number of “angry men” of movie fame.

2-“It winds from Chicago to L.A.” (snap, snap).

3-They “led the big parade.”

4-Total theses authored by Martin Luther.

5-Based on a novel, brought to animation by Disney in 1961 and then to life in 1996 starring Glenn Close as the villainess.

6-Kids probably won’t know about this in the future but anyone over 40 does now—when the Italian sailed the ocean blue.

7-Emergency line / important date in US history.

8-Most famous address in DC.

9-Mr. Orwell’s science fiction novel about politics.

10-Jules Verne fantasy brought to life in Disney movie.

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