By: Lee Ann Jackson March 9, 2023

Social media is more crowded than ever.  These days, it’s not enough to post regularly, produce reels with creative captions or follow what everyone else is doing.

To grow your station’s social media presence, you need to be original, likable and useful.

Here are three social media content ideas your radio station can try this spring:

  1. Start a Series

There’s #ThrowbackThursday,  #FridayFun and countless other series trends, but instead, create your own weekly series.  It’s more original and it’ll make your content planning process easier.

Tip: Consider #TuesdayThanks and highlight a listener.

  1. Use UGC

UGC is user-generated content created by your listeners instead of your station.  And, with a little creativity, it’s easy to curate.

Tip: Giveaway station merch on-air, invite listeners to take pictures or videos with it and then post on their social pages.  Be sure to give your social media handles over the air and ask them to tag the station’s social page(s) when they post.  Then, feature their content in your social feed. (Bonus: create a designated hashtag for your listeners to use).

  1. Be a Resource

Curate “how-to’s” from the broadcast ministries you air on your station – glean from the broadcasts, speaker books or check out their web sites.

Tip: When you post, be sure to tag the speaker and/or the broadcast ministry to extend your post reach.


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