By: Lee Ann Jackson December 21, 2023

It’s been a few months since Edison released its annual Moms and Media report, but as radio stations look forward to 2024, the report is worth a revisit.

Christian radio has found a place not only in the hearts of devoted listeners but notably in the lives of mothers.  Given that moms make up a significant portion of the Christian radio audience, there are two specific take-aways from the report which radio stations should keep on the radar for the new year:

  1. In 2023, 93% of moms use some kind of social media.
  2. AM/FM radio listening holds steady among moms with 65% listening weekly either over the air or online.

Social media has become an integral part of daily life for moms and, moms listen to radio. As radio stations continue to adapt to the digital age, the engagement of moms on social media can play a key role in expanding a station’s audience reach.

How can stations leverage social media to embrace moms?

  • Engaging content that speaks to mom. Be sure to incorporate parental tips from one of your program’s speakers, quotes about motherhood or Bible verses on encouragement on your social platforms.
  • Go live! Social media is an ideal platform for real-time interaction. Encourage your on-air personalities to host live Q & A sessions (on the air and on Instagram live).  Invite a local church’s children’s pastor to share creative ways of memorizing scripture or applying principals from it to daily life.  Also, invite listeners to chime in with questions or their own parenting experiences.
  • Create Mom-Curated Playlists. Use a Facebook or Instagram post to invite moms to submit their choice of songs for playlists for bedtime, morning routines or just get up and go tunes!
  • Put the Spotlight on Mom.  Recognize moms in your community by featuring mom spotlights on social media.  Go on the station’s social pages to invite listeners to comment with a mom they admire.  They’ll likely tag their nominee which will further extend the reach of the post! Bonus: Consider partnering with a local spa to gift one of the nominees a pampering package.

As radio stations strategize their 2024 plans for audience growth within the mom community, it’s important that social media be a key element.

Keep in mind that the interconnected relationship with moms isn’t just about reaching a target demographic, it’s about fostering genuine connections, embracing shared experiences and recognizing the digital landscape as an extension of the radio community.


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