By: Lee Ann Jackson April 13, 2023

Attending a conference like the National Religious Broadcasters Convention provides value on a lot of levels and utilizing social media is one way to maximize that value.


Don’t wait until you get to NRB to start making the most out of your attendance:

  • Post now that you’ll be attending NRB and ask who else is  . . . maybe set up a time to meet for coffee (be sure to tag NRB and use the convention hashtag: #NRB2023).
  • Engage in posts by other people who are using the NRB hashtag. This is a great way to start making connections even before you arrive in Orlando!
  • Find NRB speakers on their social pages and connect in advance  – post about looking forward to hearing their session.

During NRB

To further extend the value of attending NRB, set social media goals to accomplish:

  • Connect with 3 new people on LinkedIn (these can be conference speaks or people you met over coffee/meal).
  • Write and share a post on LinkedIn while you‘re at the event.
  • Share a quote on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter from a ministry or industry speaker (Take pictures – visuals are social media magic!)


Keep the social media momentum going after the convention ends:

  • Post a thank you to a speaker (or the NRB team!) for all you learned and enjoyed at the event (include tags).
  • Share 3 things you learned or 3 top quotes (and don’t’ forget the tags and pictures).
  • Direct message people you met on their social pages – this is a great way to stay connected long after NRB!
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