By: Lee Ann Jackson May 11, 2023

It’s said that you eat with your eyes.  Meaning, if something looks good, it’s likely you’ll eat it.  (Or, at least try it!) That same principle applies to Social Media.

If users like what they see on your social pages, they’ll pay attention and are more likely to engage with it.  

Here are 5 tips for taking photos for Social Media 

  1. Upgrade: If you can, upgrade your phone.  Each newer version of the iPhone comes with updated photo capabilities.  Not convinced?  Compare photos from an iPhone 8 vs. an iPhone 14. 
  1. Clean your camera lens: Before taking any photos, take a few test pictures for clarity.  I carry an eyeglass cloth with me to clean the lenses before taking pictures. 
  1. Check your lighting: Find natural lighting from the sun if possible. If you’re shooting indoors, do your best to be near a window and away from artificial light.
  1. Shoot from different angles: Take shots from varying angles – including moving your subject left or right of center. A unique angle can help your photo stand out. 
  1. Take several shots: Don’t shy away from taking 3-4 shots of the same subject – especially pictures of people. Inevitably, someone blinks or looks away. Taking the extra shots better assures you’ll get just the right one! (Just don’t forget to delete the shots you don’t plan to use.)


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