By: Michelle Blood December 17, 2018

It was February 1969 when John MacArthur began his pastorate at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California (previously, he had been an assistant pastor at the church his father led).  That small congregation then has now grown to seat nearly 3,500 people at each of the two Sunday morning services!  Incredible.  But as the church leadership would say:

More important than numbers, programs, and structures, however, is the foundation for the spiritual life of Grace Community Church that has been built. This foundation includes sound doctrine, spiritual leadership, and active service. We are convinced that God’s legacy of faithfulness to us will continue in the future if we remain faithful to Him and His Word.

The ministry of Grace to You marks it’s beginning the same year.  In honor of this milestone of “Unleashing God’s Truth, One Verse at a Time, they will be celebrating 50 years with John MacArthur by presenting each month on “Grace to You,” one of his most popular studies.  To start the year off, John examines The Gospel According to Jesus (airing 1/2-1/16) by answering these critical questions:  

What is the gospel? 

What truths do you have to believe to be saved? 

And does saving faith always produce good works? 

Further, John will explain what it really means to be a child of God.  This lesson will also equip your audience for gospel conversations with nonbelievers.  There’s more great programming ahead so be sure to download the Program Toolkit here for all you need regarding the broadcasts and offers in January.

Beyond recognizing the 50th anniversary on-air, Grace to You is planning an anniversary event for station partners at NRB in Anaheim where John MacArthur is speaking.  Then in the fall of 2019, a Truth Matters Conference on “The Sufficiency of Scripture” is scheduled for October 16-18.  It’s definitely an exciting year ahead.  If you’d like to stay updated on these events, email me.



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