Joining the Ambassador team in 2022, Ben Bryggman arrived just in time to let us welcome sweet Alina Mae, born to Ben and his wife, Carolina, in March of last year.  It’s a joy to once again have a “little one” as part of the extended AAA family!

We’re grateful for connecting with Ben who previously served Salem Communications, producing Hugh Hewitt’s daily show for that network (and continues to assist with website & podcasting).  While enjoying the assignment, the opportunity to work hours more conducive to a new dad’s life helped motivate the transition from close-by studios for Hugh to the AAA facilities.

Having studied at The Academy of Radio & Television Broadcasting locally, his initial hiring coincided with needs for Amb-OS staffing where he continues to lend support.  But his willing spirit and gifted PR skills have quickly moved him into participation with our Marketing team, particularly to tackle the jigsaw puzzle that is promotions work, responding to station requests and facilitating fulfillment of those.

Beyond the joys of fatherhood, Ben and Carolina are also devoted “parents” of a beautiful Husky/Collie mix named Lila (warm-up for Alina!) and enjoy the many outdoor activities that life in SoCal affords.

To get to know Ben even better, we asked him to share. . .

As a new dad, my biggest concern is . . . being enough. Being enough dad for my daughter, but also enough husband for my wife. Finding and continuously learning how to do the best job I can for the both of them. I know I’m up for it, but I’ve never done anything like this before.

As an early riser, I can’t get through the day without . . . coffee. And updates on what my ladies are up to at home throughout the day, via pictures of daughter and puppy are helpful.

Someday I’d really like to travel to . . . Dubai. I’ve only heard great things. Worst thing I’ve heard is it’s expensive. Must mean it’s quite the experience. Also love the desert heat!!