By: Jennifer Perez October 31, 2016

John Stonestreet of The Colson Center says that our Christian worldview belongs in the voting booth on November 8th.  So, how should Christians approach this drama-filled election?

Here are some important considerations from John . . .

  1. We must vote. Chuck Colson said, “It’s our duty, as citizens of the kingdom of God, to be the best citizens of the society we live in. To do that, we must vote.”
  2. We must not separate our faith from our politics. God’s priorities must be ours.
  3. We must be informed. The issues matter, and Christians should care enough to be informed voters.
  4. We must value life, marriage and religious liberty. These issues will shape candidates’ views on everything else.
  5. We must care about the downticket choices! Most gains in the pro-life movement and most losses in religious liberty happen at the municipal and state levels. Know what races and initiatives are at stake in your state.
  6. We must not fall for the political illusion. Politics is almost always downstream from culture. The outcomes of this election should leave us neither optimistic nor despairing.

We pray that the list above is helpful for you and your listeners heading into the voting booth in just a few days from now.

Also, in case you missed hearing John discuss the importance of voting on Focus on the Family recently, I encourage you to take a listen (click here).


Thank you for your partnership with BreakPoint and the Colson Center.  If we can help provide any additional resources, please let us know.

Jennifer Perez

Ambassador: We Connect. Ministry and Media.


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